Where to Have Fun with Your Dog in New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand
Image by reginasphotos from Pixabay

Traveling with a dog or cat can be challenging, and, for most pet owners, a trip to New Zealand is a big deal. The country has strict pet import regulations; however, with advance planning, it can be done and is well worth the effort. The North and South islands are ripe for exploring and the scenery is breathtaking. From sweeping mountains to sandy beaches; from glaciers to hot springs; from exciting cities to exotic wildlife, whether you live here or visiting this great country, you’ll have no problems finding out where to have fun with your dog in New Zealand.

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Taking your dog on vacation with you is one of the most enriching things you can do, not only for your dog, but for you and your family as well. Including them in your adventures will strengthen your bond and make your trip so much more meaningful.

Dog owners can give all sorts of excuses as to how they can’t take their dogs out with them on vacations. Such claims may have sounded reasonable years ago, but today, there are few reasons to keep your dogs at home while you explore new places. Now, most travel destinations have dog-friendly attractions for both you and your dog to enjoy, and New Zealand is no exception.

They are no small parks in New Zealand if you are thinking that. There is a number of places that are designed for you and your dog to have a great time. Don’t believe us? Check out these places where to have fun with your dog in New Zealand.

Cornwall Park Cafe, Auckland

Dogs having fun
Image by bonjourbonggu from Pixabay

Cornwall Park Cafe in the Auckland region of New Zealand is an incredible place to take a break and hang out with your dog. How great it is to have your meals with your pup in open places enjoying the lovely sunshine, the beauty and people around you. This also gives your dog (and you) the opportunity to socialize.

This cafe is welcomes pets inside as well and is alive with people from different regions coming together to enjoy each other and the surroundings. It is a top-notch cafe to grab a quick sandwich or a light breakfast. If you ever happen to be in this eatery, then we highly recommend you check out the bacon and waffles on their menu. They serve breakfast everyday starting at 9:00 AM.

Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington

Have fun with your dog at Rogue and Vagabond Cafe
Image by Gabriela Fink from Pixabay

Like to rock and roll with your dog? If yes, then you must head to the Rogue & Vagabond Craft Beer Bar when you and your dog visit Wellington.

We can talk all day about the delicious food that the bar and restaurant serve; but the real attractions that Rogue & Vagabond offers are the music gigs that different bands perform here frequently. Dogs are not only allowed here; they are adored by the staff and visitors alike. It is a great place to have fun with your dog in New Zealand.

You can get a quick beer and snack at this bar while you enjoy the fantastic music from up-and-coming as well as established bands in New Zealand that you likely have not heard before. Make sure to be there before the dinner rush as you will see a lot of people lined up to get in the bar around dinner time. Sunday morning jazz is also a popular attraction.

Best Ugly Bagels, Auckland

Have fun with your dog at Best Ugly Bagels and Coffee
Image by sanghyuk cho from Pixabay

Want to taste the most delicious bagel in the country? Try visiting the Best Ugly Bagels in downtown Auckland. The name might be deceiving, but once you try out the food at this very popular restaurant, then you might have a new favorite eatery on your list. They have reasonable prices for other dishes; however, bagels are their specialty.

Dogs are welcome at the Ugly Bagels, and it is worthwhile to sit there and enjoy the tasty food with them. The service time is quick, and the staff at the restaurant is very friendly. It is truly a place in New Zealand worth visiting.

Bottle Lake Forest Park, Christchurch

Have fun with your dog bicycling at Bottle Lake Forest Park
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

No dog would ever refuse an outing in a park, and if it is a place that is as beautiful as the Bottle Lake Forest Park, There are good chances that you and your dog would want to stay all day. Riding along the Waitikiri Drive, you will come across the incredible Bottle Lake Forest Park, a top-rated tourist attraction in Christchurch.

There are many different tracks that you can take with your dog while exploring this park. People into cycling especially like to visit this park. Going through the blue track is an amazing experience that you will have with your dog. It has a fantastic pathway and some picnic areas that your dog will love. Choosing the other tracks will afford you the opportunity see the beautiful scenery along the coastline, which will surely give you and your dog experiences you will not soon forget.

Saint Clair Beach, Dunedin

Have fun with your dog at a New Zealand beach
Image by Jennifer Regnier from Pixabay

A beautiful beach, lovely sunshine, and a fantastic view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline – what more could you want for a nice vacation? At the Saint Clair Beach in Dunedin, you get to experience all of it with your pets. Your dogs will enjoy the open beach where they can run, play, dig sand, and have a fantastic time with you. Going to the Middle Beach, and Saint Kilda Beach are also options when you are here, as these beaches are adjacent to it.

The beach has some lovely hotels where you can stay nearby after spending your time there. You will get to meet all sorts of people coming from different countries to visit here with their pets. It is a very calming beach and a great place to explore. It is easy to commute to this beach with the locally available buses, and if you are driving to this place, you will have no problems finding a parking space as there is ample space available.

These spots are just some of the many places where you can have fun with your dog in New Zealand. Indeed, There are many more adventures that await you and your dog in this beautiful country. Why not plan a trip with your dog so you both can enjoy a wonderful experience together?

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