Ten Nice Things to do for your Pet for Valentines Day

February 14th is a day for love. While humans may like to celebrate Valentine?s Day with chocolate, flowers, and fine dining, your pet would probably prefer a fun day with you. So, what would your pet value most on a day for expressing love? Here are some ideas for returning the love that your pet shows you every day.

Nice Long Walks: Do you and your dog have a favorite pet-friendly beach or dog park? Some outdoor exercise will surely put a smile on your dogs face this Valentine?s Day. Who knows?maybe your canine will find a valentine, too.

Pet Treats: You can never go wrong with some tasty treats for your pets, just make sure they are the right kind. Remember, absolutely no candy (especially chocolate) for your pet on Valentine?s Day. Also, consider some healthy treats. Your pets probably won?t notice the difference, but you will when you pick them up.

Maybe it?s time for a bath? Nobody likes being stinky and this includes your pets. What better way to kick off Valentine?s Day then with a clean pet? If you don?t think you can tackle the task, take him/her to a local groomer. They will love you for it.

New Blankets and/or Toys! If you want to see your pets? true excitement this Valentine?s Day, go with a new toy or blanket. Not only will they show you immediate satisfaction, with the right toy they will be entertained for the next few hours. Nothing says ?Be My Valentine? like a heart-shaped chew toy for your dog or a blanket for your cat.

Belly Rubs! You?d be hard pressed to find a dog that doesn?t like a belly rub; even most cats love them too! This is a great (and inexpensive) way to show your pet appreciation. After a belly rub they might not know what Valentine?s Day is?..but they will sure love it!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants: Even if you have a romantic dinner planned for you and your significant other, don?t forget that your pooch probably wants to go too. If you can settle for outside dining, most restaurants can accommodate for our four-legged friends. Please check prior to making a reservation.

Pet Shopping Spree: Spend time with your pampered pet on a shopping spree at your favorite pet retailer or boutique. Try to find things that your dog or cat doesn?t already have but need such as a pet bed or something cozy to call their own. Remember, you don?t always have to settle for treats.

Cute Pet Portraits: Remember this special day forever by having a one-of-a-kind pet portrait made of your pet. Whether it is funny, serious, or artistic it will be a memory you can look onto forever.

Annual Vet Checkup: This might not be exactly the way your pet wants to spend this special day, but it will definitely give you peace of mind. After a quick checkup, offer him/her another one of these activities to make it up.

Take a Trip: Going out of town with your pet is a fun way to bond outside of the home. Whether you go down the road or somewhere exotic, there are many dog-friendly hotels that are more than happy to accommodate you and your pet.

Spend lots of time with your pets and have fun together. It doesn?t matter if your Valentine?s Day is simple or extravagant; the purpose is to show your pet how much you love and care?.they?ll return your love tenfold.

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